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Maintenance products

To maintain the quality of your special toys, leather or latex clothing or objects you need cleaning products that are specially created for these materials. Cobeco Pharma offers a variety of products that are perfect for these purposes.

  • Toy cleaner
    The toy cleaner is an effective cleaner without alcohol and is suitable for cleaning your erotic toys. When you clean your toys regularly you are maintaining the quality of the product and you are making sure the toys are hygienic and safe to use. The toy cleaner does not affect latex, rubber or silicone toys. With a special pump closure the toy cleaner can be made a foaming cleaner.
  • Talcum powder
    To ensure the quality of your favourite leather clothes, it is important to regularly take care of them with specific products. Cobeco Pharma talcum powder is especially created to maintain your favourite leather or latex clothes and will make it easier to put on and off your leather outfits.The talcum powder is available in a special powder dispenser. The bottle has a powder spray cap and is available in one size.
  • Leather and latex spray
    To ensure the quality of your favourite leather clothes it is very important to maintain them regularly with special products, that not only preserve the leather but also make it shine, smooth and flexible. Our leather and latex spray will keep the material in perfect condition. The leather and latex spray is available in different bottle sizes and has a spray cap. The product itself is milky white.
  • Washing soap
    A washing soap to wash off all dust before use and all liquids like body fluids and lubricants after use.
  • S80 Disinfectant
    This is a disinfectant spray to kill all bacteria that is still on the product after washing it.
Sachets with wet wipes

Cobeco Pharma’s Private Label sachets with wet wipes are efficient and convenient. The compact wipes contain a perfect amount of cleaning product or delay gel to serve your needs. The amount of bulk product on every wipe varies between 2,5ml and 4ml per wipe. There are different kinds of wipes to choose from:

  • Toy cleaner wipes
    Toy Cleaner wipes are discreet and hygienic wipes with an effective cleaner without alcohol and are especially suitable for cleaning erotic toys. By cleaning toys regularly you maintain the quality of the product. Our toy cleaner does not affect latex, rubber or silicone toys. The toy cleaner wipes are disposable.
  • Intimate wipes
    Intimate wipes are especially designed for personal hygiene. The intimate wipes are neutral for the skin and can be used regularly. The intimate wipes can be used anywhere, anytime. The Intimate wipes are disposable.
  • Delay wipes
    Delay wipes help to delay the ejaculation. Apply the delay wipes on the penis and massage the liquid that is on the wipe into the skin. The liquid will delay the ejaculation but will not stun the skin. Delay wipes are disposable.