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The private label program for innovative health and sexual wellness products, concept development and custom manufacturing. Cobeco Pharma is one of the leading private label manufacturers in Europe and is well known for the innovative formulas at budget prices. This is what distinguishes Cobeco Pharma from the rest of the private label manufacturing companies and what will give you the cutting-edge advantages when doing business with Cobeco Pharma. Cobeco Pharma is situated in the Netherlands.

why choose cobeco pharma

Cobeco Pharma is a Dutch manufacturer of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, care and hygiene products with more than 25 years of expertise in the Sexual Wellness and pharmaceutical industry. The philosophy behind Cobeco Pharma is all about helping to improve the quality of life with innovative products and formulas. With products such as lubricants, cosmetics, food supplements, detergents and disinfection, the company offers a wide and varied range under its own brand names and as a private label for companies worldwide.

The company has grown into one of the largest producers in the industry with a growing international customer base from more than 40 countries. The customers come from various sectors and industries, including wholesalers, distributors, web shops, drugstores and large (supermarket) chains.