personal lubricants

We make no compromises when it comes to the quality of our products. Quality is our top priority. We only use ingredients that meet the highest purity and quality levels. Every product has been subjected to many tests to ensure that it meets the standards of Cobeco and those of laws and regulations. Our products are Made in The Netherlands.

Lubricants are used during sexual intercourse. The use of lubricants during sexual intercourse can enhance sexual pleasure and make sex more comfortable. Cobeco Pharma offers different types of lubricants.

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If one of our stock white label products do not meet your needs, we are fully equipped to develop a custom formula to precisely satisfy your requirements

for cobeco lubricants we guarantee that:

  • The products are safe for use and perform as intended.
  • Ingredients, when appropriate, comply with relevant pharmacopeia (USP, Eur. Ph.9 and Eur. Ph. 9.1. supplement);
  • Condom testing has been conducted to NFS97.034:2007; 
  • For waterbased lubricants, pH meets the WHO UN recommendation on personal lubricants (pH 4.5-5.5)
  • Biological safety (ISO 10993.1:2018) testing including cytotoxicity demonstrated products to be safe, non-irritating, non-sensitising and not cytotoxic;
  • Dermal patch testing demonstrates the products have good skin compatibility;
  • Vaginal irritation test demonstrates the products are non-irritating for the vagina (ISO 10993-10:2010);
  • Stability testing demonstrates the products are stable during the claimed life-time.
  • Microbiology testing (Eur.Ph. 5.1.3. challenge test) demonstrated products pass microbiology throughout claimed life-time of the product;
  • An effective and certified quality system (ISO 13485:2016) is in place at the Cobeco facility;
  • A risk management system (EN ISO 14971:2016, HACCP) is in place;
  • Safety assessment files including biological, technical, performance, risk and chemical safety assessments.