Secondary packaging

The secondary packaging is the outer packaging of the primary packaging that holds one or more units with the goal to protect and for display purposes. The label and secondary packaging do not come into direct contact with the ingredient. Cobeco Pharma offers different secondary packaging options such as labelling, shrink sealing, carton boxes, display boxes, leaflets and gift sets. The carton boxes, display boxes, leaflets and gift sets are all additional options to complete the look of your private label. Carton boxes can give your product a more luxurious appearance. You can print the carton boxes in full colour or optional in metallic colours. Many options are available for the finishing of the carton boxes.



Labelling your private label products is necessary because of the information that is required on the label. The label informs the customers of important information about the product, such as the ingredients and instructions. Various options and effects are available to give your label a look that portrays your concept and brand.

Shrink sealing

With shrink sealing, the whole product is tightly sealed with plastic. The seal provides extra protection of the products against damage and other harmful factors, such as dirt or moisture. Aside from protection, it increases space during transport and in your warehouse. Shrink sealing is available at additional costs.

Carton boxes

Carton boxes are optional to add to your packaging. You can choose to offer the products in boxes with the same design and text as the actual products’ label for a more exclusive look. Or choose a box with cutaway sides that will show the product inside the box to make the customer curious and give a glimpse of the product itself. Technical information and templates of the boxes are provided after order confirmation.

Display boxes

A display box is an effective promotional tool for your product’s presentation, which can make you stand out from other brands. Showcase your products all together with your logo and matching design that attracts the customers’ attention. Display boxes are ideal for placement on a shop counter to make your product and brand visible to customers to boost brand awareness and recognition, but also to generate more sales.


Leaflets are the perfect solution if you would like to include more information with the product, and/or in different languages that do not fit on the packaging itself. Leaflets can also be used to give attention to your other products or other promotional information.

Gift sets

Gift sets add value to your brand and products as you are able to promote and introduce customers to multiple products at once while adding a new experience to the presentation of your products. Gift sets double your brand exposure as both the giver and receiver are exposed to the products and will remember the experience when they see your brand again. You can increase your sales with gift sets because customers are attracted to gift sets; they are a quick and convenient buy and are perceived as a great deal. Cobeco Pharma offers custom gift sets with your choice of products and design to fit your brand.

Advent calendar

Cobeco Pharma also specialises in developing and producing products for advent calendars. Just like gift sets, advent calendars are a great marketing tool to present multiple products to improve brand awareness with a festive experience.

Choose from unlimited options that fit your brand and calendar theme with festive products and packaging in different colours and sizes that are optimal for advent calendars. Not only can we offer all the suitable products for inside the advent calendar, but with our extensive knowledge, we can also advise you on which information is needed on the outside of the advent calendar or if you need help with the concept.