develop your own formula

If our standard in-house formulas do not meet your needs, we are fully equipped to develop an exclusive custom formula to satisfy your requirements. With the help and expertise of our Research & Development team, we can collaborate to develop and realize your custom formula.

process & understanding

In developing a formula, we benchmark existing formulas and competing products, and we formulate with your target price point in mind. The formulation process begins with a dialogue to understand your needs and expectation of the desired product and its attributes in detail. Our R&D staff evaluates what ingredients are desirable or undesirable and in which countries the product will be sold. With this information, your custom formula can be formulated to the requirements and realized into a finished product.



1000 kg


500 kg

Food supplements

150.000 pc


1000 kg


Creating a new formula for your private label is always exciting, but can be frustrating for many. It requires a lot of specific resources that not everyone has access to. Cobeco Pharma can help you source the ingredients to make your product both unique and potent, but also ensure the formula meets the safety and quality requirements set by authorities.


During the development of your private label product, many aspects need to be considered. Not only the formulation but also the packaging, the design, and the way you want to market the product you have to consider in the process. Cobeco Pharma helps you through the development process to make sure your product will be a success.


The packaging represents the image and appearance of your brand. The color, design and usability are important factors in how your brand is perceived by the customer. In order to fit your brand’s image, a broad spectrum of packaging options is available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Including bottles, jars, tubes, diverse closures and labels with different finishes. Cobeco Pharma can advise you on what packaging is suitable with the formulas and fits your brand. The in-house design team can help design your label and box to complete the look and feel of your products.