cleaning & maintenance
To maintain the quality of your special toys, leather or latex clothing or objects you need cleaning products that are specially created for these materials. Cobeco Pharma offers a variety of products that are perfect for these purposes.


Intimate Cleaner Men

» Soap-free and pH-friendly
» Especially for the intimate zone of men
» Nourishing effect
» For a fresh and clean feeling

The intimate cleaner men cleans and refreshes the intimate zone of men to support the daily intimate hygiene. The cleaner is soap-free and contains nourishing ingredients that leave the skin hydrated and cared for. Feel fresh and clean with the intimate cleaner men at any given time.

How does it work?
Apply a desired amount on and around the penis, spread it out onto the skin and let it absorb. This product can be used directy from the packaging without water. It contains no soap and has a pleasant neutral scent. The rich nourishing formula with natural ingredients, including moisturizing Aloe Vera extracts, ensures a clean and relaxed feeling and a soft and healthy skin.