cleaning & maintenance
To maintain the quality of your special toys, leather or latex clothing or objects you need cleaning products that are specially created for these materials. Cobeco Pharma offers a variety of products that are perfect for these purposes.


Talcum Maintenance Powder

» Especially for masturbators, sex dolls, rubber
and latex
» Maintains a good condition
» Keeps the material moisture-free
» For durable maintenance
The talcum maintenance powder is a special maintenance powder to keep your masturbators, love dolls, rubber, and latex in good condition. The powder ensures that the products maintain the quality after cleaning and keep the material free of moisture. The talcum maintenance powder ensures a durable maintenance of your masturbators, love dolls, rubber, and latex.
How does it work?
After cleaning and drying the material, apply a small amount of talcum powder to your masturbator, rubber or latex outfit and accessory so that a thin layer develops. If necessary, both the inside and the outside can be covered. For a good distribution of the powder on the inside of the masturbator, shake the masturbator up and down. By applying the talcum powder, the products remain in good condition and the material will remain moisture-free. The talcum powder also helps to make it easier to put on rubber and latex clothing.