cleaning & maintenance
To maintain the quality of your special toys, leather or latex clothing or objects you need cleaning products that are specially created for these materials. Cobeco Pharma offers a variety of products that are perfect for these purposes.


Disinfect 80S Cleaner

» Registered disinfection spray
» Especially for sex dolls and erotic toys
» Does not affect the quality and structure
» For thorough and disinfecting cleaning
The disinfect 80S cleaner is a registered disinfection spray for an extra thorough cleaning of sex dolls and erotic toys. The bacteria that remain after washing are killed and you can continue to enjoy your sex doll and/or erotic toys hygienically, while the quality is maintained. The disinfect 80S cleaner provides a disinfecting cleaning and maintenance of your sex dolls and erotic toys.
How does it work?
The disinfectant is a ready-to-use liquid for small surfaces and must be used undiluted. The active substance is ethanol 600G/L. Clean the surface thoroughly before using the disinfectant on it. Make sure that no detergent residue remains and excess water has been removed, after which the surface must dry thoroughly. Apply the disinfectant undiluted to the surface. When disinfecting, use enough disinfectant to keep the surface wet for at least 5 minutes. Then let the surface dry in the air.
Always read the label before use. Only apply the agent on small areas (maximum 0.5 m2). Use: 40-50 ml per m² of surface.

Specific hazards and precautionary statements: Lightly flammable liquid and vapour. Keep away from children. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open fire and other ignition sources. No smoking. When requesting medical advice, provide the package or label. Avoid breathing in the spray mist. Keep in properly closed packaging.

Registration: Desinfect 80S, 15503N, is a registered disinfectant substance for surface treatment.