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Warming Massage Oil

» Warming effect for more sensual relaxation
» Leaves the skin feeling moisturized and cared for
» Silky soft and easy spreadable texture
» Experience sensational body massages

The warming massage oil has a unique formula that is rich in nourishing ingredients with a warming effect. The warming effect of this massage oil provides a relaxing sensation on the skin to increase the sensual experience. The oil has a silky soft texture, is easy to apply onto the skin, and is easy to spread. The nourishing formula leaves the skin feeling nourished and cared for. Thanks to the warming massage oil, body massages will be more sensual than ever.

How does it work?
This massage gel contains warming ingredients and makes the contact with the skin smoother and warmer. The massage oil reduces the friction that arises during a skin to skin massage and ensures that the contact with the skin is relaxed. The blood flow is stimulated and the muscles relax. Thanks to the handy and efficient packaging, the massage oil is easy to dose. Apply an amount to the skin at your own discretion; if desired, more oil can be applied while massaging. A massage oil puts an extra layer on the skin, making it easy and soft to massage. Thanks to the moisturizing formula, based on high-quality oils, the skin feels moisturized and cared for after every massage.