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Viagel For Women (Sensual Gel)

» Nourishing effect
» Combination of cooling and warming tingling
» Contributes to the sensitivity of the clitoris
» For extra arousing and intense pleasure

The viagel for women (sensual gel) is an exciting clitoral gel with a nourishing and cooling effect. The gel tingles the skin around the clitoris in a pleasant way with a combination of a cooling and warming sensation at the same time and helps to reduce uncomfortable friction. The natural effect of the high-quality ingredients contributes to the sensitivity of the clitoris and ensures maximum intense pleasure. The viagel for women (sensual gel) brings more pleasure and sensation to the bedroom.

How does it work?
Thanks to the handy packaging, the product is easy, targeted and efficient to dose. Apply the desired amount to and around the clitoris. Immediately after applying the gel, you will experience cold and warm tingling. How long the feeling lasts, depends on the dosage. Apply more gel if desired. The product has a light structure, is easy to spread and has a pleasantly fresh and neutral scent. The specially developed formula contains natural extracts, including menthol, that heat the clitoris and skin around it and tingle in a pleasant way. This allows a greater excitement and maximum pleasure to be experienced.