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sensitive skin


Viagel For Men (Sensual Gel)

» Nourishing effect
» Warming tingling for extra sensation
» Contributes to the sensitivity of the penis
» For extra arousing and intense pleasure

The viagel for men (sensual gel) is an arousing gel for the intimate areas of men with a nourishing effect. This gel gives a sensational feeling because it warms the skin of the penis and makes it tingle in a pleasant way. The natural effect of the high-quality ingredients contributes to the sensitivity of the penis and ensures maximum intense pleasure and sensation. With the viagel for men (sensual gel), men experience more pleasure during intimate moments.

How does it work?
The convenient packaging makes the product easy and efficient to dose. Apply the desired amount on and around the intimate areas of the penis. The gel is light in texture and easy to spread. The specially developed formula contains natural extracts, including Capsicum Frutescens, that warm the delicate skin around the penis with a pleasant tingling sensation, causing a greater excitement and maximal enjoyment.