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sensitive skin


Sensual Cream

» Tingling and warm feeling on the clitoris
» With natural ingredients and rich oils
» Nourishes the skin
» Experience an intensified climax

The sensual cream is a nourishing cream that adds extra intensity to the sensual pleasure and the climax, thanks to the tingling and warm feeling on the clitoris. The cream is based on natural ingredients and rich oils that nourish and intensify touches on the skin, allowing you to experience more pleasure during intimate moments. With sensual cream, the warming tingles will bring you to an unforgettable intense climax.

How does it work?
Apply a desired amount of cream on and around the skin of the clitoris. The formula contains skin warming extracts; Menthol and Panax Ginseng cause a unique tingling of the erogenous zone and the clitoris, for a greater sense of excitement and pleasure. This product is formulated to provide a smooth and pleasant lubrication, which contributes to optimal pleasure during sexual intercourse. Use upon desire more cream over time. The rich plant extracts, including Aloe Vera, nourish the skin and give it a silky and soft feeling.