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Delay Cream

» Helps to delay the orgasm
» Slightly cooling and nourishing effect
» Experience longer sexual pleasure

The delay cream is a nourishing and a slightly cooling cream that can help to delay the ejaculation. The cream has a nourishing and softening effect and is easy to spread. This delay cream can give you more control over the moment of ejaculation to give you longer and more intense pleasure during intimate moments.

How does it work?
Apply a desired amount to the intimate zones and massage it in. The product is easy to apply and contains various natural extracts. The active ingredient that helps to delay an orgasm is Laureth-9. Mentha Piperita Oil provides a cooling and nourishing effect, which can help relax the muscles. The product contains stimulating and strengthening extracts such as Ginkgo Biloba and Panax Ginseng, so the erection can be maintained despite the delaying effect of the cream.