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Bust Booster Gel

» Lifts and firms the breasts
» With natural ingredients
» Improve the elasticity of the skin
» Supports your natural beauty

The bust booster gel lifts and firms the breasts in a unique way. This gel contains natural ingredients to improve the elasticity of the skin with a nourishing effect, leaving the skin feeling healthy. The breasts look fuller and firmer. The bust booster gel supports your natural beauty.

How does it work?
The gel contains active plant extracts, including Calendula. This plant-based extract has a moisturizing effect with a plumping effect, making the skin tighter and more supple. Glycerin is a moisture-retaining ingredient and provides a smooth skin surface by counteracting roughness and irregularities of the skin. Glycerine also helps prevent harmful external influences on the skin. The ingredient Fucus Vesiculosus restores the skin structure from the skin layers and improves overall flexibility. The result is a healthy, even and radiant skin. The product has a soft texture, is easy to spread and absorbs quickly. The special combination of ingredients supports the elasticity of the breast tissue and firms the skin, thereby firming and lifting the breasts.