Primary packaging

The primary packaging is the packaging that comes into direct contact with the ingredient. We offer a large assortment with lots of choice; Plastic (PET / HDPE), glass, special flat packages, suitable for web order shipping, sachets and blister packs.

Characteristics PET
  • Hard material
  • Difficult to squeeze
  • Very clear material (Transparent)
  • Available in different colors
  • A glossy look
Characteristics HDPE
  • Soft material
  • Easy to squeeze
  • Not clear material (semi-transparent white)
  • Available in white, black, transparent (milky)
  • A matte look
Bottles (printed is possible)
  • Available in the materials PET and HDPE
  • Available in round, cylindrical shapes
  • Use for gels, cream, liquids
  • Can be combined with caps, pumps, sprayers
  • Available in sizes 15ml – 1000ml
  • Many types of closures, see the closures section
Jars (printed is possible)
  • Available in the materials PET and HDPE
  • Available in different colors
  • To be used for tablets, capsules, gels, and creams.
  • Available in sizes 75ml – 1000ml
  • Caps available in different colors
  • Available in the materials PET
  • Available in sizes 50ml – 150ml
  • Use for gels, creams
Tubes (printed is possible)
  • Available in the material HDPE / LDPE
  • Available in sizes 20ml – 250ml
  • Use for gels, cream
  • Available in different colors
  • Different caps available and colors.
Flat packaging (tubes can be printed)
  • Available in the material HDPE
  • Available in pills containers and tubes.
  • Pills container is 120ml, tubes from 40ml – 120ml
  • Foam dispensers – 160ml
  • Powder dispensers – 150gr
  • Glass bottles 15ml – 100ml

Sachets are thin aluminium foil bags that can contain oils, creams and gels. They can be used for retail purposes or as a promotional item. Sachets are being used as a cost-effective way to promote products by providing a free sample to customers. Sachets are being sold for single use only and are disposable. The amount of content of the sachets depends on the product type. Oil sachets could contain 1 ml more than gels because of their density.

Sachets with wipes

Our sachets are also available with wet wipes. Wet wipes are non-woven and can be combined with all our liquid products.

Blister packs

Blister packs are pre-formed plastic packages and are used for tablets, capsules or caplets. There are standard measurements, often shaped for 2 to 10 tablets, capsules of caplets to fit in. The blister strips can be printed, depending on the amount of the order.